Spring Break!!!

As much as my friends and I try to stop ourselves from pointing it out, its hard not to recognize all of the “this is the last time” moments in our last semester.  Spring break starts today and its really bizarre to think that this is essentially the last break from college for me…ever.  After so many years of school you really start taking it for granted that you get a week off at Thanksgiving, a month off in the Winter, over a week off during the spring, and a few long weekends thrown in here and there.  I mean, lets be honest, you don’t get breaks like that in real life.  With this in mind there seems to be a lot of pressure to make this spring break count since there won’t be another one.

I woke up before the sun this morning (4AM!!!) in order to get to the airport and make my 6 AM flight.  An extremely kind friend agreed to wake up that early with me in order to give me a ride (its safe to say that I owe him big time now!) and we were talking about all the places our friends and classmates go over break.  So many plan amazing vacations with friends to beaches, islands, and sometimes cruises.  Its a last hoorah to their college experience.  Possibly even more popular than this however are service trips.  It always impresses me how many students at this school compete to be able to go on service trips to several different countries over spring break, bringing medical supplies and skills, education, and simple compassion to others.  Many of these service trip groups raise money all school year to be able to afford their trip.  So, while I’ve never had the chance to go on a trip myself, I feel good that so many of the fund-raising date auctions, concerts, comedy shows, themed dinners, wardrobe sales, and sport competitions I have participated in have gone to help fund these trips.

For me, my last spring break promises not to disappoint.  I’m headed home to Panama City, FL…a spring break destination itself for many college students!  I’m really excited to get to spend ten days home with my family and enjoying how relaxing it can feel just to be back in my own room.  Best of all, my best friend, Chelsea, will be flying into my home town on Tuesday to spend the rest of the break with me before we fly back together the following weekend.  Having spent practically every day together at school since we met my sophomore year, I can’t wait to show her my home and hopefully get a chance to enjoy some sun on the white, sandy beaches.

The last thing I want to think about as I head home for spring break is traveling back to VA for what promises to be a busy last few months of papers, projects, and exams at school.  But I figure by the time the ten days are over I’ll be recharged for the final stretch of college.  Not to mention, its always great to see all the William and Mary students gathered around the gate for Newport News  (the closest airport to campus) in the Atlanta Airport…which I am convinced is the melting pot of the eastern U.S.  With so many people in one building, you never know who you could run into!

So Spring Break, here I come!  Ahh, the last one!

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