Rainy Days at William and Mary

In true Williamsburg fashion, the weather can never make up its mind.  One day its a hot 90 degrees and the next is a cool 68 and on all the days in between when it doesn’t seem to know what to do, it just rains.  Rolling out of bed this morning, the first thing I noticed was the rain hitting the window and I groaned as I thought that I was in for one of those long, rainy, boring days.  But on second thought, I realized that the day actually offered a lot more potential.  Don’t get me wrong, I still grumbled and complained a bit as I walked to classes huddled underneath my umbrella and trying not soak my shoes in one of the thousands of puddles.  But rainy days can also be the most relaxing.

Theres a lot to enjoy on this campus even when the weather seems a bit dismal.  The Daily Grind (an on-campus coffee shop) never seems cozier than it does on a rainy days and not to mention the fact that the lounges in the dorms seem so much more comfortable and inviting on days when its pouring out (I will never forget countless rainy afternoons in Barrett social parlor freshman year!).  Overall, rainy days have a way of making me a lot more productive.  I’m content just settling in with a cup of coffee and actually get through the reading for the week or finish up a paper I’ve been neglecting.  What’s great is that eventually, by the time the rain has passed, you’ve managed to actually check off all of the items that have been sitting forever on your to-do list!  So for now I think I’ll just embrace the soggy weather and try and get some work done, that way when the sun finally does make an appearance, I’ll be able to enjoy it!

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