Getting Our Feet Wet:

So interviews are well underway at the Admissions office. I’m happy to report that the training from last week seems to be paying off, as all the interviewers seem to be handling our new job quite well. Don’t let us fool you too much though, we’re still a little nervous about the whole thing. We’re still getting used to and comfortable with the whole process now, but give us a few weeks and we will be interviewing pros.

It’s kind of crazy to be talking with rising seniors in high school and answering their questions about college searching and applying. It immediately takes me back to four years ago when I was in the same position. As a Virginia student, I at first thought that I would want to get out of the state and attend some exotic college that I thought was impressive. I didn’t even realize how my perfect school was not that far down the road from my house. I was so struck by the community of the school and the ease with which I felt like I could fit in. William and Mary was obviously so much more than an academically challenging institution. It seemed clear right away that it was a place full of people who were inspiring and really wanted to get to know you. Looking back on it now, I know I would make the exact same decision if I was applying to college again.

As I talk with these prospective students, I feel like I can completely relate to the chaos of thoughts that they are having about making decisions regarding what they will be doing in their next year. I hope that most of them will get the same feeling about William and Mary that I did four years ago!

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