First Week of Classes:

And just like that the semester has begun!  Classes started this past Wednesday and the school year has wasted no time filling up with readings, group meetings, and packed social calendars.  The first day of classes is always one that I look forward to.  Call me crazy, but I actually love opening brand new notebooks, getting the syllabus with the plans for the course the whole semester, and seeing the familiar faces of people you have taken classes with before.  The first day is really meant to just give you a feel for the format of your classes and the topics you will be discussing for the semester.  Many students use this as a great excuse to start writing everything down and color-coding newly purchased agendas.  For those that are a little less intense, it is simply a great way to gain insight into what the whole semester will be like and how your various courses and subjects will overlap and compliment each other.

When I woke up this past Wednesday morning (late of course, because no person in their right mind takes an early morning course in their senior year) I was met by a text message from a friend that reminded me it was my “last” first day of classes.  Starting my senior year has been a bit surreal for me…half the time I keep expecting to see members of last year’s senior class walking around and it takes me a moment before I remember that they have already graduated and my class has taken their place.  I am both completely thrilled about being a senior and enjoying all the perks that come a long with it, while still quite nostalgic for the excitement and all the possibilities of freshman year.  I guess all thats left to do is to enjoy every moment of my last year to the fullest and look forward to the surprises and opportunities that are sure to come after graduation!

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