Decision Time!

Working in the admissions office is a bit of an exhausting job at the moment!  I really have no right to complain as I’m not in the office nearly as much as the dean staff and operations staff.  With pieces of applications still appearing in the mail, over 12,000 applications and files, committee meetings lasting all day, and the printing of the much-awaited decisions letters there is not a lack of activity at 116 Jamestown Road.  While this might be the busiest time of the year it is also the most exciting, not just for the soon to be newly accepted students but for the office staff as well.  There is a lot of relief and pride felt by all of the deans who have essentially worked all school year to create the newest class at the College of William and Mary.  Its kind of like that feeling you get when you spend weeks working on an art assignment for elementary school: you make a huge mess in one room of your house (usually the dining room that never gets used but you still have to cover the table with an old sheet so you don’t ruin the finish) and will probably be vacuuming sparkles off the floor for months but the final product is beautiful.  This is the moment, as soon as all the letters are mailed, when the deans get a much deserved round of applause and a chance to proudly look at their finished product…and hopefully a day off!

The pause is only brief however because the office is quickly consumed with organizing, planning, and implementing admitted student days during the warm weekdays and Saturdays in the spring.  Its so exciting to see the potential newest members of the Tribe!  I really really recommend coming to one of these events if you receive the coveted admissions letter.  It’s the best way to see the campus, especially from a student perspective, and it gives us a chance to do our best to convince you to attend!

So hang in there, the wait is almost over!  All of the chaos in the office is proof that the letters are being prepared to be mailed out soon.  Start checking the mailbox daily and good luck, I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you!

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