Alumni, free coffee, dance shows, and sketch comedy

A bunch of the interns from this past summer met in the Admissions Office this morning and it wasn’t long before our conversation turned to what everyone was doing over the weekend.  Now, most weekends there are always a handful of events going on, not to mention plans you might individually have with friends, but I love when a weekend approaches that is so chocked full of activities you have been counting down the days for weeks.  This coming weekend seems to fit that profile.

First, it is Young Guard weekend!  Young Guard consists of alumni from the five most recent graduating classes (I’m only a few weeks away from being a member of Young Guard, myself!).  For students currently on campus, this means that we get the chance to see a bunch of friends and recent graduates that we haven’t seen around the college in awhile.  I’ve heard from a number of friends that are planning to be back and I’m really looking forward to catching up and hearing what they’ve been up to since venturing away from the Tribe.  I know there are many events planned for the Young Guard, but mostly I think the students on campus are hoping to just get to see some old friends and feel like old times.  It is always great to see alumni return and I wish they would do it more often.  You don’t leave William and Mary without taking a piece of it with you so it somehow feels more complete when past students return to visit.

That’s not the only thing going on around campus this weekend.  Tonight, one of the RA staffs is sponsoring a campus-wide tab at a local and favorite coffee shop called Aromas.  Starting around 9PM tonight any student can get a free coffee or a free dessert at Aromas while the tab lasts.  In true student fashion, “free” anything is usually worthwhile so there is bound to be a long line of people waiting for their sweets and drinks, talking to friends, and listening to live a cappella performances.  Not a bad way to kick start the weekend.

I’m getting really excited about a dance performance that will be happening tonight as well as a show by a sketch comedy group.  (I can tell its going to be one of those evenings when you just run from one event to another.)  Syndicate, our hip-hop dance group on campus is putting on their semesterly show this evening.  Don’t be fooled by the scholarly habits of William and Mary students, they have so many hidden talents.  I am always amazed by these dancers every time I see them perform and find myself feeling so envious of their moves.  The group is completely student run and all of the numbers are choreographed by the group members.  Another event tonight will be a show put on by  Seventh Grade, a sketch comedy group composed of undergraduate students.  One of my close friends and fellow interns from this summer, Kelley Quinn, is a member of seventh grade and if you even spend fifteen minutes around her you would understand why.  She’s so naturally hysterical!  The group members practice weekly, writing scripts and rehearsing to put on shows all throughout the semester.  They play off each other and the many quirks of being a William and Mary student to put together a show that never fails to make my sides hurt from laughing.

With all this going on in one weekend its hard to figure out how you will fit it all end.  On nights like tonight its always a good idea to get a group of friends together and just run from one thing to the next.  Inevitably the problem with weekends is never that there is nothing to do but that its so hard to decide what to do and what to miss because you can’t possibly do it all.  I’m definitely going to miss this once I graduate and I actually have to make up my own plans for my weekends!  However, Sunday evenings always hit you with a dose of reality when you realize that you forgot to factor in time to finish up all your readings for class!  Oh well, can’t do it all right?!

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