The countdown is on!!

Ah my favorite time of year is fast approaching!  The Orientation Area Directors, our senior student staff members, will arrive on campus in one month for training.  Then the Orientation Aides come in on the 19th, and the new Freshmen and Transfer students get here on the 22nd.  I freely admit my dorkiness.  The two weeks between OAD training and Freshmen Convocation are my favorite two weeks of the year.  This will be my sixth go around, and my fourth as a staff member.  Every July though is the same, whether I was a freshman or now entering what could sadly be my last Orientation here at William and Mary since I graduate (again) next May.

I’ve been out here at Texas A&M for the summer and have loved every minute of it.  The people are awesome, the program solid and the school inspiring.  I think what I’ve learned most though is how much I love working Orientation at William and Mary.  Just as out here where we are instilling the Aggie spirit in each of the 8,600 new students, Orientation at WM welcomes each member into the Tribe in a way that I don’t think is easily replicated.

It may be a whole month away, but I’ve got my countdown going and can’t wait for the fun to begin…

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