Sam Sadler’s Last Day

On June 30, I got two emails from Sam Sadler, our Vice President of Student Affairs Emeritus.  One went out to students and one to Student Affairs staff.  The final messages he wrote as Vice President reminded me of the reasons why I love William and Mary and why I chose to make this my career.

The sense of community and belonging that we foster at WM is so great and has such a profound effect on everyone within our brick walls.  It’s hard not to feel it as you walk around campus or engage in our tradition.  That community is what makes William and Mary such a unique place.

Student Affairs really doesn’t land on anyone’s top-10 list of career aspirations, but I don’t see how I could find something more perfect for me to dive in to.  For me it’s all about supporting students and making sure they get every ounce of joy out of their time at William and Mary that they possibly can.

Sam Sadler will be missed dearly.  But the one thing that won’t be missed about him is the inspiration that he instilled in so many, especially those of us who are Graduate Assistants in the Division, to really reach for the stars when it comes to serving students.  I’ll always remember his work ethic and the deep sincere passion he carried with him through his work.  Hopefully one day I can have just a fraction of the impact he has had on students at WM.

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