My three paths…

At William and Mary, it’s hard to find just one way to connect to campus. Over the course of my years here, I really got connected in three major ways that have had a huge impact on my life here. Studying abroad, being an Orientation Aide and joining a social fraternity made all the difference in my life at WM and who I became.

First off, I decided to study abroad in spring of my sophomore year with Professor Carla Buck. That opened my eyes to a whole new world outside of Williamsburg and what it was like to travel and engage in some serious research at the same time. Studying abroad brought my classes and skills to life, allowing me to actively engage in the process of living and learning. That’s when I knew that I wanted to keep pursuing Hispanic Studies. The combination of research and practical application to life was exciting for me. And I can’t leave out that taking classes and living 5 minutes from the beach was no hardship.

The second thing I did at the end of my sophomore year was apply to be an Orientation Aide. Little did I know that that would be the first step in my journey through Orientation and Student Affairs at William and Mary. As an OA, I got to share my love and zeal for the College with new students. One of the awesome things that I’ve been able to see is some of the students that were on my Orientation halls are now excelling as leaders in the Orientation program.

Finally, in the first few weeks of my junior year I joined Kappa Sigma fraternity. This fellowship filled the missing link for me and became a great outlet for social bonding and leadership opportunities that are so unique to the Greek world.

These three very different paths all became intertwined when I decided to stick around for graduate school in Student Affairs. There are so many different pathways out there to choose, it’s nearly impossible to not find one that fits.

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