It’s the Final Countdown…

Only one more week of classes for undergrads. If only us grad students were so lucky. While we don’t have finals per say, or two weeks to prepare for them, we still have to go to classes through break.

Honestly, I can’t believe this semester is coming to a close. It seems like just the other day I was writing about our Orientation program drawing to a close and Convocation shooting goosebumps down my arms. Weird.

I was talking to an undergraduate friend of mine last night about how this is the last semester for the both of us here at the College. It made me think about a few things as this fall comes to a close, and maybe some of the seniors this year might even learn a thing or two from an old guy that’s been around the track a few times. (I guess any high school seniors out there might find this applicable too)

1. This semester only happens once in your four years… don’t rush through it! It will be so easy to focus on May and think that you are almost there. The worst thing you can do is focus on counting down the days and lose focus on what’s going on all around you.

2. Savor the moments and the people: as idealistic as we all want to be, you can’t stay in touch with EVERYONE after you graduate. Hold close to your friends and continue to expand your horizons by meeting new people and reveling in their different experiences.

3. You aren’t done yet: don’t give up on your classes… no matter how tempting that might be. Trust me, from personal experience, it’s no fun to be cramming a whole semester’s worth of information in your last week while you’re trying to say goodbye to everything you’ve had over the past four years.

Hopefully all that isn’t too sentimental.

As we wind down the semester, take care of yourselves. Get some rest. Get your work done. But more importantly, relax and save time for the good times.

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