i miss tri-cornered hats…

My number one thing that I wish more people at WM would do – take in all that CW has to offer. Trust me, when you stray away, you’ll find yourself missing bread-ends, uneven sidewalks, horse poo and more importantly seeing people donning colonial garb in the food lion (well, they tried to fancify it, so it’s bloom now, but after spending 4 years working there, it will always be food lion).

I was at the Fourth of July celebration down here in Aggieland this weekend, and it reminded me of how much fun CW is, and more importantly, how large a role it plays in anyone’s experience at WM. I never thought that dancing on the Palace Green would become one of my favorite parts of Orientation (and I’m going into my 5th one, so I’ve been around the block). Grand Illumination is great fun, especially when you’re in a group of 20 parading through the crowds competitng with a cappella groups in carol-offs. And really – who can compete with, oh let’s say the birthplace of America, when it comes to July 4th celebrations? Sure, there were reenactors here in Texas, but something was missing. There were no tri-cornered hats or magical dipping sauce for left over bread.

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