I-64 Battle and Sophomore Flashbacks

This Saturday is going to be HUGE.

Every year WM and UR play in the I-64 bowl game, but this year I feel like there is a little something more in the air. It’s cold outside. The leaves are gone. And Tribe football is on a roll. It all kinda takes me back to sophomore year.

It was my first uninterrupted fall, thanks to that 13 day hurrication my freshman year. That means it was really the first full football season that I got to experience. There were the exciting moments of every game, like when former president Sullivan would come to conduct the fight song as the team re-entered for the 3rd quarter (from the old locker rooms, mind you). I always took my 3rd quarter break to go pig out at my parent’s tailgate. All these things were fun, and I kinda remembered them from my freshman year, but what was new all of a sudden was that we were winning… a lot.

The first big one was the Delaware game. It was tied in the fourth and we went into over time. The Tribe marched down the field and scored, I can’t remember if it was just a field goal or if we got a TD, but I know we scored. Then Delaware did the same and matched us. Round 2. We scored again. Delaware came back down to our Red Zone. This one was right in front of the student section. We held them off for 4 downs. I’m confident saying that was one of the few times that students rushed the field in Zable, but boy was it fun.

Then came ESPN2 and the portable lights. We were on tv, we were in the playoffs. I don’t want to talk about the outcome of that game, but it was a ton of fun while we were playing.

Now we have our own lights, our own tv screen and new digs. And the only thing that stands in our way from playoff glory is Richmond. Bring it on, Spiders… I just bought a new can of Raid.

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