Gig ‘Em Tribe & Hark Upon Kyle Field

Say what??

I’ve been back in the ‘burg for almost a whole week, yet i still find myself strangely attached to Aggieland. I walk around campus saying Howdy to everyone I see. Whenever I thank anyone for something (or when I’m feeling a bit sarcastic, which is often), I simply say “thanks and gig’em.”

I think a week out of Texas I’m realizing 3 big things. One is just how much I am indebted to the people in Aggieland for everything they taught me. I learned a whole philosophy of advising students. I’m so excited to get to put this into practice this year as I enter my third year as a GA. Another thing I learned was what it’s like to be at a HUGE school that feels like a small town. I saw a totally different side to administration and office relations. Finally, this summer really solidified my passion for values, history and tradition in higher education. Even though A&M is almost 10 times larger than W&M, it is still rooted in its proud history.

It’s been hard transitioning back to WM. I never thought I would say that. I am getting reajusted to the lay of the land. I even had to call Financial Aid today to figure out where they were located since a coworker reminded me we have no Pavillion on our campus.

So, when you hear someone in the Campus Center making a weird whooping noise, just remember it’s because he’s still getting back to his roots, but will never forget about the Spirit of Aggieland.

Thanks and Gig’Em

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