First Weekend Back…

Here’s a little warning – these next few posts are going to be a bit sentimental and mushy, but something I think is still web-worthy… just a heads up.

I got home Friday night and I felt an immediate sense of warmth and belonging to this community once again. My freshman room mate, Bradley Justus, just got married on Saturday, so we were all out in full force this weekend reliving the glory days of yore. It wasn’t 12 hours that I was in Williamsburg that I was reminded of how much I love this place.

I was driving to breakfast on Saturday morning down Campus Drive (well… Ukrop drive… anyways) and I thought to myself, wow I feel bad for that little dog that’s running behind this baller jogger goin down the street. Then as I pass, I hear a familiar voice holler at me and I realize I just passed Anne Arseneau (for all of you unfamiliar with The College, she’s the heartbeat of all things Greek on campus).

Then my room mate got married. I’m not sure I ever realized how special the Wren Chapel was until the organ was playing and one of my good friends was standing there getting married. It was almost as if everything had come full circle. It was 5 years ago that we were all sitting in the Chapel during Orientation listening to a member of the Spotswood Society give us the history of the building. And now we were all sitting there in suits watching our good friend get married.

It’s weird how fast time flies, but it’s so great to see what this place means to everyone and how we always come back to it.

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