I’m not sure there are enough exclamation points or capitalized letters that can express my excitement for Homecoming this weekend. It will be my first as an alum, since I missed last year’s due to a conference (no, I don’t still dwell on that… at all).

This weekend is sure to be filled with amazing reunions, festive gatherings and a great football game. For me, the traditions associated with Homecoming are incredibly special. Every year, I would march in the parade with the Pep Band, then play at the game where we would be joined by the alumni band. This year I’ll be one of the guys in different colored shirt as opposed to years past when I was just a “regular” band guy. Then comes halftime, when the band marches on the field and plays the fight song as the team rushes through. It really is a special moment.

There’s the excitement of seeing old friends, reliving the past and celebrating what the College does for everyone that crosses through the Portico – create a special and unique experience that is never to be forgotten. I’ve tried explaining this idea of Tribe Pride and my unbridled excitement to my fellow graduate students and understandably they seem to think I take it a bit overboard. I can’t wait for this weekend when there are thousands of others that share the same enthusiasm descending upon campus to create an amazing weekend.


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