Ryan Eickel

Ryan Eickel
  • Class of 2010
  • Hometown: Germantown, MD
  • Archived Blogger

About Ryan Eickel

Campus Activities: Student Assembly Senator, Freshmen Orientation Aide, Council for Fraternity Affairs Community Service Chairman, Office of Admission Tour Guide

Favorite Spot: My favorite spot on campus is definitely the front entrance to ancient campus. This is such a unique spot because it’s where Colonial Williamsburg meets the College. If you take a seat on the weathered brick walls that border campus, you’re able to see the Wren Building, the President’s house, and Duke of Gloucester (DoG) Street. It’s the perfect place for studying, taking a break, and people watching. You’re bound to not only see students but also tourists and colonial reenactors. In short, it’s a spot that embodies everything that is special about the College!

Posts by Ryan Eickel

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