Kylee Ponder

Kylee Ponder
  • Class of 2012, M.Ed. 2013
  • Hometown: Franklin, VA
  • Major(s): Linguistics / Minor: Sociology
  • Archived Blogger

About Kylee Ponder

I’m out of Williamsburg and down the road in the beautiful city of Richmond. Come on now, could you really have expected me to move farther than a quick drive back to the city that holds my heart forever? I’m missing Williamsburg now – missing those students from my 2nd grade student teaching classroom, missing Blue Talon burgers on the grass in CW, missing drives on the Colonial Parkway with best friends, and definitely missing weekend breakfasts at Five Forks and Shorty’s.

But I’m having new experiences – new experiences teaching fourth graders, living on my own in RVA, getting to spend more time with college friends, making new connections, and eating my way through a city with some of the most delicious food that the United States has to offer (it’s not just my opinion, I swear…).

These new experiences are about to be incredible and life-changing and terrifying, but they wouldn’t be possible without all of the love, support, and preparation that William & Mary has given me. And that’s something that I’ll never forget, even when I’m not 45 minutes down the road anymore.

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Dear Kylee:  I am pleased to officially inform you that you have been admitted to the Five Year Bachelor’s to Master’s Degree Track with

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Even though I’ve lived in Southern Virginia for the past 21.9 years (I’m refusing to admit that soon, I’ll be 22), I always forget

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Orientation has ended and now my last official semester as an undergraduate at William & Mary is upon us and let me be the

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Today, William & Mary’s campus exists as a literal expression of the idiom – “the calm before the storm” – all students who live

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Just keep doing your thing, he said. Say no more.

“Just keep doing your thing,” he said, “Say no more.” – Jay-Z, from A Dream Granted, I don’t usually start my blog posts with

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So, I came up with a cheesy acronym for these TIPS – This Is Plain & Simple, because that’s what your interview should be

So, I cried today…

Let me preface this title by saying that I’m a rather emotional person. Although tears are not usually prevalent running down my cheeks –

I knew them when…

The title of this blog post seems to really set a perfect scene for the types of people with whom I have the opportunity