Colonial Williamsburg = Free Cider

I recently realized that I have been back at William and Mary for over two weeks now and have not once utilized Colonial Williamsburg’s cider mugs. This is embarrassing and unacceptable.  Last fall semester, and a little less-so this spring semester, traveling down the main street of Colonial Williamsburg was my life. Any free hour I had during the day was spent with some of my closest friends on the Duke of Gloucester Street.  In fact, we made free hours, actually penned time into our schedules, to make this trip.

Why? Well, there are a couple of reasons. First, the cider is phenomenal; in fact, I’ve heard rumors that it is created using a mixture of real apples and a little bit of butter to make it “gourmet.” Yum. Oh and you’ll notice I speak primarily of cider. This is because I am not a huge fan of pop, or soda, nor am I big fan of coffee unless it’s early in the morning. This explains the name, “cider mugs,” instead of pop mugs or coffee mugs. Second, the calm, relaxing walk takes only 40 minutes or so, round trip, making it perfect for any afternoon. Third, everything (once the mug is purchased, that is) is completely free, which means that every college student must love it – obviously we love everything that is free. This is actually a very important point: cider mugs are not just any run-of-the-mill mugs.  These are eleven dollar mugs that provide you with free cider (hot or cold cider depending on the season), coffee, or soda for an ENTIRE calendar year. Not just a few months; not only during the academic year; but an entire calendar year.  My final reason we make time in our schedules (that are obviously very busy…okay, not really) is that you can get cider after 5:00, which is when cider stands close, at a couple of the taverns in CW. So now, instead of rushing down to the cider stands at 4:45, we can leisurely stroll down to the tavern of our choice and ask for a free, delicious, and hot mug full of cider!

It is important to know this very, very crucial information because if/when you come to William and Mary, whether it is for a campus tour, some type of academic event, a wedding, or you come as student, you are going to want to get a mug.  This is slowly turning into a William and Mary tradition (and probably will be established in like 10 years) and I just want you all to get ahead of the curve. So go now. Purchase it. Use it. Love it. Then send me an email and tell me how much you love it.

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