Tour de William and Mary

The feeling of absolute freedom – that’s what cycling gives me.  Now I apologize profusely to everyone who’s reading this – I’m obsessed with bicycles and most likely my subsequent posts will contain some reference to these two-wheels machines in some way, shape, or form.  My passion for cycling actually began here at William & Mary, and I feel that it not only has given me a wonderful recreational and competitive outlet for me here at the college, but also has structured my social life and helped me focus on my academics as well.

In my spare time before and after working at the Office of Undergraduate Admissions, I’ll primarily be riding my bike(s).  Williamsburg is fortunate to have a number of great trail systems that I can tear around on as well as endless backcountry roads that I can wander on my road bike for hours on end.  There’s an inexplicable joy that I get from roaring around the woods, hearing leaves crunch beneath my knobby tires, the “whoosh” as I pass trees at breakneck speeds, and the burble and splash of streams that I pass through.  Being outside without the sound of cars and the only audible noise being the breeze winding its way through the trees is a rarity in the usually suburban setting that is Williamsburg, but it’s a nice respite from the heat, colonial garb and streams of tourists picking their way through the local tourist traps.

This summer is an odd time for me as I have no academic responsibilities for the time being and thus I am able to spend my free time geared up in my W&M cycling kit.  The cycling team holds a very dear place in my experience here.  Some of my closest friends are on the team and I’ve spent an amazing last three years traveling around the East coast racing at other colleges and universities.  Training year-round with such a great group of peers for mountain, cyclocross and road season adds a wonderful competitive outlet for me.  It adds discipline to my schedule and keeps me healthy especially when I have to contrast it with late nights of caffeine-induced studying.  This is just one of literally hundreds of activities (46 of which are sports clubs) that provide a welcome tangent to the academic rigors of student life.  I can’t imagine a campus without such opportunities to students, and I love W&M for giving access to not only top-notch academics, but also a vibrant social life as well.

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