Three Hidden Gems at W&M

The terrace. The Daily Grind. The Sunken Garden. Massage chairs on the first floor of Swem. Puppy hour during finals.

These and many more are well-loved treasures of W&M. But there are spots around campus that are a little less-loved, but no less valuable. As a senior, I have been able to uncover these spots at W&M.

1. The Wren Window

(Location: Great Hall of the Wren Building)

To the untrained eye, the Great Hall in Wren is just another ceremonious room used for Yule Log and other special events. However, the circle windows in the Great Hall make for a great spot to read, nap or meditate. Plus, there is never anyone taking advantage of this great real estate.

2. Tucker Hall courtyard

(Location: To the side of Tucker Hall that is closest to Tyler Hall )

To an economics major, Tucker Hall is one of the most confusing buildings. I cannot understand why I have to go up a large staircase and then back down the stairs to get to the first floor. But Tucker has a hidden courtyard with murals of famous scenes from books. There are chairs and tables to do work. It is a great place to soak up some vitamin D!

Mural below Tucker Hall, where students can study and hang out.

3. Golden Horseshoe Golf Course

(Location: S England Street)

If you love to run, but are tired of running in the Matoaka trails and down DoG Street, then I recommend you trying running on the Golden Horseshoe Golf Course. It is incredibly peaceful and a change of pace from the normal running trails. At sunset, it feels like you have escaped to a completely different world!

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