The Balancing Act

Balance. It is hard. And I’m not talking about balancing those organic chemistry equations. Throughout my time at W&M, I am learning to be better at balancing my academic and personal life. Between my economics classes and homework (yes, homework exists in college), and tutoring in economics, I draw A LOT of supply and demand graphs. As much as I love Economics (I know, I am a nerd), I also have a ton of other passions and interests. So how do I manage it all? Balance!

At W&M you encounter students from every possible major. My roommate is a Sociology major and Computer Science minor, while one of friends is an International Development self-designed major. I love learning about other people’s passions and interests.

New Classes, New Perspectives

I take a lot of classes outside of Econ (shout out to the COLL requirements). In fact, during my freshman year I took Children’s Literature, a philosophy class on freedom and a seminar on international development. Exploring different disciplines is a great reminder that not all people think like Economists!

I try to add balance in my life through running, SLEEPING (this is important) and joining other organizations, like InterVarsity Christian Fellowship.

I love going for walks through Colonial Williamsburg. It’s a great de-stressor!

I have learned that the best Amanda is the “filled” Amanda. This means I practice self-care, whether it is going on a spontaneous day trip to Raleigh, North Carolina (I did this last weekend) or spending the afternoon canoeing on Lake Matoaka.

The Pursuit of Happiness (and Balance)

There is plenty of time for me to fulfill my major requirements for economics, and still have some time to take other classes, pursue activities, and practice self care. Whether you are currently in college or a prospective student or parent, make sure to balance your life. Set a list of priorities. Don’t say “yes” to every opportunity. Take time for yourself. I am not only more balanced, but also a lot happier because of it.

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