Teach for Equity

For the majority of my time at William & Mary I assumed that I would end up working in the human rights world. This began to morph into a new direction about two years ago when I began to engage with race and equity issues.

I first began to explore inequality within the context of education and race. I was immediately captivated. I enrolled in Critical Race Theory and Education at the School of Education, I began to grasp the extent of education inequality in America. Although I was finding myself in a very different place than I had ever imagined, I relished in each new step because I saw how a quality education is a human right.

As an economics major, I began to study education and socioeconomic inequality in my classes, and the evidence was undeniable — an increase in education empowers the poor and minorities to reach higher income brackets. The reality of education inequality is overwhelming. From residential segregation to environmental racism to micro-aggressions, there are far too many factors against marginalized students from succeeding.

I clearly see the fabric of our education system is breaking and how can I not mend it?

Becoming a teacher is an opportunity for me to “mend” the fabric of our education system. I recognize that education inequality is incredibly complex and I will by no means fix the issue. However, I am energized and passionate about teaching students, and joining them on their pursuit for knowledge.

I now see the melding of my desire to be a human rights advocate into a lifelong pursuit of education equality for all children, an idea that I find both thrilling and limitless.

In June 2019, I will be moving to the San Francisco Bay Area to teach Secondary Social Studies with Teach for America

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