Summer in the ‘Burg

I’m in Williamsburg for the summer, and I cannot contain my joy. After trotting the globe for 5 months, I am excited to be back at my favorite place. When I’m not working at the Dean of A&S and giving tours to prospective students, I have been exploring Williamsburg and readjusting to life in America.

These are a few of my (favorite) things about summer in Williamsburg!

  1. Kilwins. Last night my friends and I went on a walk at sunset in Colonial Williamsburg, and after, I got the all-american blueberry pie ice cream from Kilwins!
  2. Swem and the Williamsburg Public Library. I have been able to check out books from both libraries, and cross off books from my very long (and ever growing) list of “must-read” books.
  3. The Cheese Shop. One thing I missed most while abroad were The Cheese Shop sandwiches! I usually take my sandwich and head to the Governor’s Palace lawn to have a small picnic!
  4. The people. After being abroad for 5 months, I definitely missed all of my friends back on campus. A lot of my friends have remained on campus to do research, and so I have been able to catch up with my friends.
  5. College Creek. There is a mini “beach” located 10 minutes from campus that a lot of students like to go to during the school year, and especially during the summer.

Williamsburg has been great, and I am eagerly counting down the days until the first day of classes!


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