…Ready for it?

This semester has been filled with preparing for the “real world.” I went to my first career fair last week and have been editing my resume. When I am not in class or club meetings, I am researching jobs through Tribe Careers. Tribe Careers is an online portal exclusive for William & Mary students to find jobs and internships. Employers post their employment opportunities on the page because they want to hire W&M students. The Cohen Career Center is a great resource for students to explore careers across the spectrum, including investment banking and music. And I’m not the only person that thinks the Cohen Career Center is great. Princeton Review ranked William and Mary #7 for Best School for Internships.

Summer Internships

Last week, I officially accepted my summer internship offer! I will be a teaching fellow with Breakthrough Collaborative, an organization that aims to provide quality education to under-served students. I am excited to blend together my passions for education equity and race. At W&M, I have developed the skill set and professional connections to make my dream a reality — to teach in under-resourced communities.

I am thankful for the liberal arts education that I am receiving at W&M — an education that is versatile and limitless. At W&M I have discovered my passions and desire for social justice. I am excited to integrate my curiosities and passions this summer, an idea I find both exhilarating and limitless. As Taylor Swift says, “are you…Ready for it?”

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