Deep in the Stacks (of Pancakes)

If you come into the Sadler Center this Friday you will hear Chainsmokers blasting from the stereos and the chatter of students in line, waiting for free pancakes. Friday is our last day of classes for the fall semester, which means that it is also InterVarsity’s Pancake House! Every semester on the last day of classes, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship cooks and serves pancakes to W&M students at the Sadler Center from 9pm-1am. We serve regular, chocolate and gluten-free pancakes, as well as toppings ranging from whipped cream to bananas. We also have a bacon hour from 12pm to 1am. Last semester, we had over 1,000 students come and eat pancakes!

Some of my friends and I at last semester's pancake house!

One of my favorite parts about Pancake House is that I get to celebrate with my friends the end of a semester. I have met some of my best friends through Pancake House. I love that Pancake House connects and unifies our campus on the last day of classes. There is something truly special about students taking time out of their Friday night to serve their classmates and friends. Even though we are dancing, singing and cooking pancakes until 1am on a Friday night, there is so much excitement and energy in the atmosphere. Pancake House is undoubtedly one of my favorite events at W&M. I am getting very excited for Pancake House this Friday!

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