To apply ED, or to not apply ED

I gave a tour to prospective students this week and got questions about why I applied early decision to William & Mary. The deadline for early decision is approaching quickly, which means you could possibly be spending your next four years at the best place on earth! Applying early decision is a pretty big commitment. I’ve heard applying ED is a lot like deciding who to marry. William & Mary was my first choice (and it still is), but many people do not have a dream school.

During the college search process, I visited 19 schools. Yes, I know I am crazy! By the end of all 19 tours I could barely distinguish the difference between all the schools. They all had beautiful campuses, similar academic programs and “holistic” admissions reviews. I was fortunate enough to visit many schools before committing to W&M, but it is also totally okay if you cannot go and visit. You can learn a lot from blogs, the college’s website and videos. In fact, William & Mary has many pictures if you cannot make it to campus.

If you cannot make it to campus, here is one of my favorite views of old campus from the Wren Building.

But throughout the college search process, I could not get William & Mary out of my head. I realized that William & Mary was the “goldilocks” school for me—it wasn’t too small but it also wasn’t too big. It had a small tight-knit community and incredible professors, but also had opportunities for me to get involved in cutting edge research and to study abroad.

But maybe you cannot make a decision just yet, and that is totally fine. My greatest piece of advice is to make sure to evaluate what is best for you. Sign the early decision agreement if you know William & Mary is the right place for you, if not, wait it out. Give yourself time. You don’t want to end up “marrying” the wrong college!

My senior year of high school at Day for Admitted Students!

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