50% Completed

When I arrived in Williamsburg in August 2010, I thought life and work in such a small place would be kind of boring and that the semester would stretch like a rubber band. Now I am enjoying my winter break and realize that half of the time I am spending at William and Mary is already over, and it went by like the wind. I would never have expected so many new friends, so many fun things to do and such interesting new experiences at this small college in the middle of nowhere. The past semester was certainly intense and sometimes stressful, but I still don’t quite feel as if it is over already.

But, alas. Fall 2010 is over, Spring 2011 is about to come. I am very excited about the next couple of months, though. I am already thinking of fun activities to plan at the German house (anyone up for a Viennese ball?), and I am also excited about teaching my very own German 202 class. Adding a couple of conferences I am planning to attend and a couple of things I want to write, this next semester is very likely to pass as quickly as the last one. I am looking forward with mixed feelings knowing it’s like a roller coaster ride: unbelievably fast, fun, scary, overwhelming, and over before you even know it had started…

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