Cookies ‘n’ Cream…

I’m back in the ‘burg, but I thought I’d share a few details about my recent trip to San Diego.

One morning in particular, I thought I’d be really healthy and have some Kashi cereal. Ya’ know? That brand that tastes like dirt and leaves but gives you all of the fiber and protein you’ll ever need in one disgusting little spoonful?!…you know you’ve tried it. ANYWHO! I went to the fridge and realized there was no milk. But you know what there was plenty of? Cookies ‘n’ cream icecream. That’s right. And since icecream is practically frozen milk, I proceeded to plop four large scoops onto the top of the Kashi dirt mound that was staring at me from my cereal bowl. Looked delicious. Tasted like heaven. The aftermath? Not so promising. I forgot the little tidbit about me being lactose intolerant. Oops. That would explain a lot. My tummy didn’t take too kindly to being filled with grains and cookies before 10am, but life goes on. And ohhhh it did.

There I was at the beach, admiring the way the waves crashed against the sandy shore (and all the perfectly tanned surfer bodies…ok, I was mostly admiring the surfer Gods) when I noticed a family of beach squirrels staring at me. I ran back to the car, grabbed a bag of peanuts, and thought it wise to feed these little guys. Before I knew it I had squirrels everywhere. One was so bold as to jump on my thigh, and when I didn’t feed him fast enough for his liking, the little bugger bit me. Yep. Square on the index finger. To say that I “freaked out” would be the understatement of the year. I lost it. California squirrels are NOT like Williamsburg squirrels. Williamsburg squirrels have a rational fear of being hit by cars and a healthy weariness of people, both on foot and on bicycle. Williamsburg squirrels will NOT get close enough to you to bite you, but please don’t feed them. Feeding them makes them like humans. It makes them think it’s ok to approach tour groups or small children. It’s not. Please remember that, for my sake, at least.

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