Preparing for the Linguistic Society of America and American Dialect Society Annual Conference

Happy New Year!

I’m writing from the Hilton Baltimore, where today I’m co-leading an American Dialect Society’s panel entitled “Cultivating Socially Minded Linguists: Service Learning and Engaged Scholarship in Linguistics and Education.”

I’m also honored to serve as an Undergraduate Program Representative to the Linguistic Society of America’s Committee on Linguistics in Higher Education. I will attend the committee’s annual meeting tomorrow morning.

Prof. Jack Martin will be presenting at an invited symposium entitled “Invited Symposium: Documentary Linguistics: Retrospective and Prospective” tomorrow with his co-researchers from the Coushatta Native American Tribe.

Kira Allman, ’13, was selected to give a paper entitled “Undergraduate Linguistics from the Undergraduate Perspective: One Approach to Interdisciplinarity” on a panel on Interdisciplinarity and Current Trends in Undergraduate Linguistics Education that is sponsored by the Undergraduate Programs Advisory Committee/Linguistics in Higher Education Committee.

Robert Staubs ’08 will be presenting a paper entitled “Learning hidden structure with a log-linear model of grammar” with his research group at the University of Massachusetts-Amherst.

Wish us luck!

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