Guest Blogger: Chappell Fellow Rachel Granata

Chappell Fellow rising senior Rachel Granata is keeping a blog of her summer research experiences. Rachel is a Linguistics and Education major and she is certified to teach in K-6 classrooms in Virginia.

You may read her blog at:

More about the Fellowship from: Chappell Undergraduate Research Fellowship Application

“Chappell Undergraduate Research Fellowships fund students’ close collaboration with William and Mary faculty members engaged in summer research. The aim of this Fellowship is to give the student a significant research experience while at the same time providing the faculty supervisor with the services of an able research assistant. The award to the student is $3000 for seven full-time weeks of research. Subject to availability, free W&M dormitory housing during the two summer sessions will also be included. Recipients must agree to blog about their research on the Process of Undergraduate Research (POUR) site at least five times and present their work at a summer scholarship event in the fall of 2009.”

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