Memories of a Hundred Spires

If you had tried to get a hold of me at about this time last year, you would have caught me in the midst of an enormous two week long nap. Why? It took that long for me to recover from my whirlwind trip to Prague, Czech Republic with the Study Abroad program at William & Mary.



I can probably say, without too much hesitation, that my experiences in the Czech Republic, Germany, and Austria last summer made for just about the best vacation I’ve ever had, and one of the most enriching learning experiences I’ve enjoyed, to boot.

As to not risk sounding like one of the Reves Center promotional pamphlets, let me be a bit more personal: I’m so glad I traveled overseas. At first, the myriad of concerns I harbored almost held me back entirely: Was the trip worth the expensive plane tickets? Would I be okay in the city knowing virtually zero Czech? Would I enjoy the company of great new friends or be forced to resort to wandering around the beautiful city alone?

Fortunately, my fears all but vanished as I hopped aboard an early-morning plane to Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport late May. The following six weeks were a bit of a learning experience, to say the least, but an overwhelmingly positive one.

More about this later. Couldn’t help but mention it as I was thinking about it, as I often do. Many times, I wish I was back.

Until then, though, as they say in the Czech Republic: Na zdraví!

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