I’d Do Anything for Wawa Coffee

Last year, I lived extremely close to Wawa, the miracle wondermart so many of us students come to know and love, and I’m not embarassed to admit I got hooked on daily morning coffee from this fine establishment (Kona, two Sweet’N Lows, and Irish Cream creamer, if you were curious).

Since I’ve been back at home over break, I’ve been searching nonstop for a replacement coffee since Wawa is no longer within convenient walking (or driving, even) distance, but haven’t met much luck; my last attempt at finding an acceptable substitute resulted in a super-strong pot of Dunkin Donuts brand coffee that kept me up for four straight days– pesky over break, potentially disasterous with classes in session.

So there I was, relaxing on a warm Sunday afternoon, when my family announced it was headed down to the

Cafeteria Alternative

Cafeteria Alternative

Woodbridge Ikea to do some shopping for basement renovations. That’s when the lightbulb struck– are there Wawas in Woodbridge? A few quick searches on Google Maps hit paydirt: a franchise location just a few quick minutes away from Ikea and the Mills! Maybe they’d be able to pick me up some of the ground coffee I had passed day after day on my way to the brewed stuff!

I hastily scribbled some directions and instructions for the family. Kona best. Original, Dark, Columbian good. Kenya AA so-so. Avoid Hazelnut. I wasn’t sure the Woodbridge Wawa would even have ground coffee, but it was worth taking a look. Anything to get some of that coffee into my system.

I got a cell phone call a few minutes ago that sure enough, the mission had been met with success. As soon as my trusty family members get back, I’m brewing up a pot, even if it keeps me up all night. I haven’t yet decided how I should thank them for their efforts, but I’m sure something will come to me. (In retrospect, I should have suggested they pick up the delicious F’Real Shakes also available at Wawa; that would have been a reward in itself.)

So it sounds like my Wawa coffee dependency will be successfully sustained over the continuing summer months. The only bad news: I’m close to Wawa again during the 2008-2009 academic year, so who knows how much more this desperate addiction will grow before I’m graduated!

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