10 reasons it’s good to get back to William & Mary after Winter Break

It’s always nice being at home or on vacation over Winter Break, but it’s a good thing the Spring semester is starting up in just a few days. Here’s why.

  1. You’re wondering if anyone will notice your new haircut.
  2. Nobody will give you a hard time for “being up until midnight again.”
  3. Summer break is always much more rewarding after you’ve earned it.
  4. You won’t have to wash dishes again until May.
  5. The daily crossword is no intellectual substitute for a 16-credit courseload.
  6. You might live near a Wawa, but you probably don’t live near our Wawa.
  7. Poking someone in real life is a lot more meaningful than poking them on Facebook.
  8. You’ll see the sisters or brothers you chose, not the ones you were born with.
  9. Sinfonicron. This year’s show: The Secret Garden.
  10. There’s nothing quite like seeing Lake Matoaka in the snow.


What are your top reasons?

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