Career Center 101

With our new location, the Career Center is pretty hard to miss!

When I was a college student, I didn’t know where my Career Center was located. I heard friends speak of it occasionally, but for the most part, I assumed the work of the Career Center did not apply to me. If it did, then I would know where it was! I’d have made an appointment! Someone definitely would have sent me an email encouraging me to go.

These things were not true, and what I’ve found out in my third year as a career counselor is that misconceptions and confusion about career centers abound on many college campuses. William & Mary is no exception.

As a relatively new (August 2010) staff member, I often fly under the radar when walking around on campus. I have met with many students, but many more still haven’t met me. As a result, I hear things. I have heard students in line at Quizno’s talking about the career fair, gym goers stressing about interviews, and sophomores in the Sadler Center fretting about whether their potential majors will result in good jobs. But mostly, I can sense the tension and anxiety built up around the post-graduation “real world” transition. I don’t often hear students talking about the Career Center’s many services and resources, which is something I’d like to change.

As a member of the William and Mary blogosphere, I will provide you with information about all the things we do at the Career Center, what’s hot in the news about the job search, tips for leaping over career hurdles (resume writing, phone interviews…) and more.

But before I can get to all that, here are the basics:

Who are we? The Sherman and Gloria H. Cohen Career Center is staffed by 6 full-time career counselors (including me), a Director, a Recruitment Coordinator, 2 administrative assistants, 3 graduate assistants, and numerous undergraduate student employees.

Where are we? The Career Center opened in its new space in September 2010. We’re located between Zable Stadium and the Sadler Center.

What do we do? Daily, Career Center counselors meet one-on-one with students from all majors, and from every year to address a wide variety of issues that surface in the career development process. We also host career fairs (including one on April 14!), provide workshops on career topics, and arrange employer visits and on-campus interviewing opportunities for students. I work specifically with freshmen and sophomores, as well as varsity athletes, which is a major myth buster; the Career Center is not just for seniors!

When should I visit? From your first semester here to well into your life as an alumni the Career Center is open to you. You can make an appointment with a career counselor by calling 757-221-3231, or stop by during our walk-in hours.

Why come to the Career Center? Why not? Choosing majors, career paths, and graduate school opportunities can be stressful, confusing, and nerve-wracking. Planning ahead helps. Let us help you do just that.

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