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Recently I have acquired a new hobby, a little unconventional but possibly lucrative. It all started with my desire for a Prius. As an out of state student who lives 900 miles away, the concept of 50 MPG sounds quite enticing.  Unfortunately I have not yet managed to acquire enough wealth to purchase much more than a Dollar Sundae. But if I can’t buy one, I can win one! Brilliant.

So I went off and entered a sweepstakes to win a 2013 Toyota Prius sponsored by a green group from Chicago. Excited by my newly found solution, I began to share it with my fellow interns who were quick to rain on my parade: “You know it won’t really be free right? You will have to pay taxes to accept it.” No I did not know this and how is something free if you have to pay thousands of dollars to receive it?  I knew lottery winners have to pay taxes, but that is a monetary prize; they can just give a portion of the winnings. I can’t just break off the bumper and hand it to the IRS.

Grandma Rose

Finical Backer, Grandma Rose

Again I will remind the reader about my lack of funds and my inability to pay the taxes. Then instead of bragging about my stellar idea, I began to complain and stress about how to pay the taxes on my Prius to be. However, I went home recently and was lamenting to my grandmother when she offered to pay taxes on any prize I may win.

Now with 92-year-old Grandma Rose as my finical backer, I have gone SWEEPSTAKES CRAZY! Since then I have entered to win the following: new $1,000 wardrobe for me and a friend, $5,000 new dorm room, $1,000 in book money, 4-star vacation, and a concert trip for 3 friends.

The more you play, the more you win.

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