Welcome Home Class of 2020!

Welcome, welcome, welcome to the Tribe 2020! We are so excited to have you, and if you want to see just how much, come to campus for Day for Admitted Students this Saturday, April 16th! On top of the expected tours, mock lectures, student panels, and club fair, DFAS is your prime chance to interact with current William & Mary students as well as your future classmates. Interns will be stationed around campus ready and willing to chat with you, but so will a ton of volunteers! These students have given up their time specifically to help you and I hope you take the chance to use them as resources.

My DFAS weekend was a great experience. Although I live only two and a half hours away from Williamsburg, it was my first time coming to campus, and I was hooked the second I got here. Not only is our campus beautiful, the people were incredible. The day was chock full of energy, from the crowds of seniors and parents, to the students, staff, and faculty waiting to get to know you better. I was welcomed and greeted so many times I lost count, and I even managed to reunite with a friend from middle school. The culminating experience for me, however, was what is now called Sneak Peek, an overnight experience with a student host on campus.

My overnight host lived in the Africana House, which is the sole cultural house among William & Mary’s extensive language house program. I had researched the houses beforehand and knew that I was intrigued by the concept, so imagine my joy when I got placed with an upperclassman who lived there. The family dynamic of the House, as well as the presence of people on campus who shared my experience as an African immigrant, or were simply interested in the history and cultures of the continent, was great to see. The experience solidified my decision to make my deposit, and influenced my decision to double major in Africana Studies and History. All this to say, whether you are certain in your decision or unsure, Day for Admitted Students is for you! If for some reason, you are unable to make it, but are interested in learning more about the university, we also have myWM Mondays throughout April, which you are welcome to attend as well!

-Alex Yeumeni ’18

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