Welcome from the Admissions Ambassadors!

Hey Class of 2016! Here’s a welcome from each of our undergraduate Admissions Ambassadors!

Erin Spencer:

Let me be one of many to say I am SO EXCITED to welcome you all as the newest members of the Tribe. My time at William & Mary has just been incredible, and I hope you all are thrilled to think of the adventures you have ahead of you. From late night bonding with your freshman hall mates to cheering on the Tribe at fall football games, your time here will be better than you could have ever imagined.

Most importantly, I want you to know that you are now part of a strong community that few have the opportunity to be a part of. Know that people at William and Mary look out for each other, through both the good times and the not-so-good times. And know that the students here are beyond excited to welcome you here in the fall with open arms.

For now, enjoy the remainder of your senior year! Stalk the W&M website, buy as much green and gold gear as you can, and come to the Day for Admitted Students! CONGRATULATIONS!


Justin Fitze:

CONGRATULATIONS! You should be very proud! Go crazy! Set your Facebook status! Run around the neighborhood! Be at Day for Admitted Students on April 14! We are so excited to welcome you into the Tribe!!!!






Kate Maccagnan:

Dear Class of 2016,

I would just like to say welcome home!!! Home can be defined as “a place where one lives” or “a dwelling place with the family” or  “an environment offering security and happiness”. I kid you not when I say William and Mary will become your home. So Welcome Home! We are so happy to have you!




Lora Faris:

Welcome, to the Class of 2016.

Welcome, to the next and best four years of your life.

With arms outstretched, we welcome the Class of 2016. Welcome home.

Welcome to Homecoming, Charter Day, Yule Log, Commencement, Grand Illumination, football games, late night Wawa runs and everything else that is uniquely Tribe.

These will be great years.  I promise.

As your four years begin, mine are coming to a close.  And, as excited as I am for my coming years, I must admit that I’m a bit jealous. So, for the next few months stalk the admitted students’ page, fill out all of your forms, ask us questions and get excited!

I have no doubt that you will all be amazing members of our Tribe.  In fact, I have no doubts.  This summer, interviewing for the Office of Admission, I met some extraordinary high school students.  Now, many of those students are future William and Mary members and I couldn’t be prouder of our Alma Mater.

So, to the students I have already met, to the students I will meet on Day for Admitted Students and to every other wonderful member of the class of 2016… congratulations and welcome home!


Jonathan Hulme:

“Class of 2016!” How awesome does that sound? Pretty amazing, considering the overwhelming pool of strong applicants to the College. But YOU, you are the new class of 2016! What does this mean? This means, you are now a part of the William and Mary community: those we call family and hold dearest to our hearts; those hands we hold as we face the challenges of the next four years together. Congratulations and welcome to the Tribe, Class of 2016!!




Here’s a video made just for you. Welcome, Class of 2016.


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