Weekends and William and Mary

I love weekends because they are always jam-packed and fun, but I also hate how I just can’t be three places at once. I am in love and frustrated with all the options and fabulous weekend opportunities here at William and Mary.  This last weekend was no exception.

Friday I worked the Day for Admitted Students and met lots of potential William and Mary Class of 2013 students like yourselves! I also volunteered to steer the wheelchair of an admitted student (who broke his ankle) on a tour of the College. It turns out that steering a wheelchair up all the hills at William and Mary and on a hot day was much more tiring than I expected! But the admitted student said he is pretty sure he will come here next fall so it was definitely worth it! Friday was also the perfect day for Fridays at Five after work in the admissions office.

Fridays at Five is an AMP event where either bands compiled of students from the college or really talented underground groups from across the nation play outside on the Sadler Terrace, every Friday at 5pm. I just love outside concerts and Fridays at Five is a great way to start off the weekend.

After we finished, some of us went to ‘Snow to Go’ to celebrate our achievements. ‘Snow to Go’ is a seasonal ice-cream/slushy place that recently opened up for summer a couple of weeks ago. Everyone at William and Mary has been at least once – see the picture of one of their delicious desserts on the right!

Then after ‘Snow to Go’ I went back to Campus and met some more lovely recently admitted students! Saturday night was my friends Fraternity Pledge Formal and so it was a ‘Black and White Affair’. I always love dressing up and it was a great night.

… yet I still woke up early Sunday morning to escort the recently admitted Monroe Scholars to Blair Hall (our Academic History Building). THEN, today for my Hall Council Program we attempted to break the ‘Thriller’ Record. More specifically, the College of William and Mary attempted to break the most amount of people dancing the Michael Jackson ‘Thriller Dance’ in one sitting. The previous record was 146 and yesterday 242of us learned the legendary dance. It took about two hours and our Senior Class President (Kevin Dua) along with other W&M student dancers taught all 242 people.

As you can see, busy and exciting weekends here at William and Mary make college fun!

– Brynn Koeppen ’11

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