Volunteer for the Day for Admitted Students

I can hardly express how excited I am, and really the entire Undergraduate Admission Building, is for Saturday, April 17th! We’ve been checking the weather, making nametags, and ordering shirts… all in the hopes for a fantastic day of welcoming the Class of 2014! As a Spring Intern at the Admission Building, my task this year has been organizing the volunteers who are dedicating their time on the Day for Admitted Students (DFAS). I knew this college campus was a very strong community with a big emphasis on giving back, but WOW, I just did not expect so many volunteers! It’s been such a great surprise to really see how excited W&M students are to show off the college campus and all of its features to potential students. On DFAS the volunteers that I have been organizing will be involved in anything and everything in helping to welcome the roughly 3000 admitted students and families. “Ask Me” volunteers will be stationed around campus wearing bright yellow “Ask Me” t-shirts encouraging guests to seek them out with program and campus related questions while volunteers offering to wake up bright and early on a Saturday morning will be checking families in, answer general program questions, and giving out registration packets. One of the most popular volunteer assignments has absolutely been the lunch volunteers, but can you really blame them, we are college students!

As I finish all the details for the volunteer training sessions next week there’s so much to check-off, remember, double-check… it’s endless! But every single moment has been absolutely worth it! With the Admission Office counting down the days until our campus welcomes the families to us interns laughing and reminiscing about Days for Admitted Students in the past years, it’s hard to wait these last few days! I hope that all of the volunteers who have so graciously offered their time enjoy the experience as much as the admitted students and their families do. This is not only a day where admitted students get to look at their home for the next four years, or make that final college decision, but a time for current W&M students to really showcase the school and see everything that the College has done for them! April 17th is right around the corner and us volunteers are ready… so bring on the warm weather and crowds!

– Noelle DuVall ’11

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