Traveling Over Breaks at W&M

Something wonderful, magical even, about college is the number of long breaks you’ll find yourself on. Gone are the days when winter break is two weeks, and spring break is one. Actually, JK about the spring break part: you still only get one week, but you get four for winter! Anyways, since I’m a senior, and tomorrow is the first day of spring break, I am reminded of how I spent my time in the past.

Sophomore year of college on my first fall break, I traveled to Boston to see my friends at Wellesley and M.I.T. Wellesley was such a cute little town, with lots of old people, just like Williamsburg. It reminded me of Gilmore Girls so of course I loved it. M.I.T., located in the heart of Boston, definitely had a different feel. I remember taking a school-owned bus from Wellesley to Boston, going to a frat party in a historic home, then having the most delicious pizza ever. How I long for that cheese.

Last year over fall break, I drove like eight or ten hours to Pennsylvania Amish country to go to a Renaissance Fair with my roomies. We dressed up as fairies and wenches, and while watching a reenactment of a Shakespeare play, a bee stung me for the first time ever. True story. I think the highlight was a sword swallower who downed like a foot-long sword. I couldn’t believe it.

So, when you’re here, all I can say is take advantage of your breaks if you can. When you’re working you’re not going to have so much time off, unless you land a really sweet job, so make the most of it.

– Lee Desser ’10

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