Spring Breakers: On-Campus 2k15

Spring Break 2k15 has been somewhat atypical. Some friends had cars packed to the brim for 20-hour drives to the beaches of south Florida. Others loaded luggage into taxis for short flights to the streets of Las Vegas or Los Angeles. Many drove back to their families for a week filled with summer internship searches, home-cooked meals, and working a part-time job. However, after wishing safe travels to friends, I settled back in for a week of relaxation and a House of Cards marathon in “Thrilliamsburg,” VA.

I am from Portland, Oregon, so going home for break was never truly an option. Flights are complicated and lengthy, not to mention expensive, especially on a college-student budget. For my freshman year, I was able to stay a couple days at a good friend’s house in Arlington, VA, and then fly to Miami to see my dad, who was there on business. I had a wonderful time, but I knew this year would have to be a little different. Yet, different doesn’t have to be boring. During the semester at William & Mary, it seems as though I always have something to do, someplace to be, and someone to see. My friends joke with me about how I never have time to sleep, considering how involved I am on campus. I thrive in fast-paced environments, where there are always new people to meet and new passions to explore. Sure, it can be stressful at times, but that pressure is what drives me to succeed. Then again, when offered a week of no commitments or deadlines, I accepted with open arms.

This change in my daily routine has been surprisingly welcome. On a whim, I traveled to Baltimore with friends to catch the CAA tournament and Daniel Dixon’s incredible 3-point shot. On other days, after getting out of bed at an hour much later than I care to admit, I’ve had time to explore the secret running trails next to Lake Matoaka and sit on the docks to soak up some sun. Before break, the Williamsburg weather forecast was filled with light showers and grey skies, but after all of the students left, it’s been nothing but blue skies and above-60 degree temperatures (coincidence?). I’ve bonded with friends who also chose to stay in the ‘Burg, and developed my cooking skills to the point where I can make more than just cold cereal and boxes of mac’n’cheese. I’ve skyped with close friends studying abroad, hearing stories and laughing at old jokes. I can sit in Aromas, the local coffee shop, and catch up on coursework or read more from my favorite author, F. Scott Fitzgerald. This weekend, I’ll head to Richmond to visit one of my best friends and explore the city. My spring break may not be spent with bottles of sunscreen, flip flops, and warm water, but it’s been perfect all the same.

Have any questions about Williamsburg in general, or what else is fun to do on campus? Want spoilers as to what Frank and Claire Underwood are up to in DC? Curious as to what my recipe is for the best turkey sandwich? Email me with any questions or comments!

– Katherine

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