Snow, yes. Snowmageddon, no.

As my first blog of the semester, I am excited to say, that William & Mary texted, emailed, and called all of us students, to let us know that classes were canceled for the rest of the day! Yep, we do have snow days in Williamsburg! As President Obama has dubbed the incredible amounts of snow that the northeast has been experiencing as the “Snowmageddon” of 2010, I am very excited that the College has given us a little time off. Sprits are high around campus as people venture out for a stroll around Colonial Williamsburg to see the all the sites covered in snow. The campus, which is absolutely gorgeous during the fall, budding in the spring, and lets face it, hot and humid in the summer, takes on a whole new feel with a blanket of snow. Life does go on, and boots and hats are donned as students trek to the dining halls and even to the men’s basketball game tonight, Go Tribe!

As nice as the campus is this afternoon, there is still a rush of students out an about. The majority of activities still take place and groups meet to tackle their latest goals. One of the upcoming events that I am very excited to attend combines William and Mary’s love for a cappella as well as a great stride to community service. As a fundraising event, the College is hosting several a cappella groups in “Helping Haiti: an A Cappella Benefit Concert”. Many organizations around campus have really been putting a lot of effort to bring awareness to the situation in Haiti. There is not only an abundance of really eye-opening information, but practical ways in which our college community can help out! It is great to see so many of my peers taking a strong initiative in ‘doing our part’. The College, as a whole, works hard to make sure that we can help the local community, keep the campus beautiful for the future generations to come, and really reach out to those beyond our cobblestone walkways!

– Noelle DuVall ’11

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