Planning the Student Activities Fair

So, as one of the Spring Interns for the Office of Undergraduate Admission, I am planning the Activities Fair and Garden Party Lunch for the Day for Admitted Students on April 17th. I’ve never planned an event of this scale (over 3,000 students and parents!), and it’s been really exciting.

First, we started by advertising for the event. Thanks to one of the other student intern’s Photoshop skills (Thanks Maral!), we posted flyers with a picture of Botetourt (definitely had to check the spelling on that one) missing a hand and wrote, “Give us a hand,” advertising for volunteers. I also sent flyers to all of the student club presidents, prompting them to register online. Looking over the past admissions interns folders, I am so glad we have entered the digital age, as I don’t have hundreds of sheets of papers to sort through and organize alphabetically by student organization!

Arranging the groups has been a little more difficult than I thought. Initially I was just going to arrange them alphabetically, but I decided it would be nice to group similar groups together. Still, I didn’t want this large “Miscellaneous” category for Harry Potter club and such haha. So, instead, “random” groups are categorized as “Interest Groups”. I am giving myself props on coming up with that generic heading.

Anyways, we are only two Saturday programs away from the event. It’s beautiful outside. Spring has arrived, and I’m ready for the event!

– Lee Desser ’10

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