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So I may be a child of the ‘90s, but my heart will always belong to the ‘80s.  Michael Jackson made the leather jacket popular again, Kevin Bacon stole the hearts of women across the country, and Admiral Zumwalt created the Be The Match Foundation, all in a decade. This decade would not only define my teenybopper years, but also my years in college.  With the leather jacket making a comeback in every color you can possibly find, these night-out staples are becoming more appealing to everyone.  Leather jackets are not just for tough girls – and thank you Michael for paving the way for us, but keep the gloves.

My Saturday night included my best friend’s birthday party, where my leather jacket proved both versatile and downright adorable. Footloose is still a song you absolutely cannot sit still to, nor listen to at a reasonable volume. It’s a song that always reminds you of a great memory. Kevin Bacon is stealing the show again in “The Following,” which is currently the scariest show I’ve ever watched because of its realistic psychological pretenses. Joe Carroll’s (portrayed by James Purefoy) ability to manipulate and capitalize on people’s weaknesses sparks fear in every viewer. I highly recommend it to everyone.

Lastly, my weekend was spent putting the final touches on our Spring Bone Marrow Drive Day. The Alan Bukzin Memorial Bone Marrow Drives works with support from Be The Match Foundation to enter students into the national bone marrow registry. With two students who have donated in the past three years and over one thousands students entered since then, William & Mary continues to be the largest collegiate drive in the country. Without the ‘80s my weekend would have been much duller. Aside from the heinous trench coats Bender wore and the overuse of “Danger Zone” in Top Gun, the ‘80s was magic.  If I’m being honest, I loved Bender (coat and all) and what better song to ride down a runway to than Danger Zone? (Thank you, yet again Kenny Loggins, you never fail me.)


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