Home Sweet Home

Spring Break is a weird time of year. Students at William & Mary do all kinds of different things for their 9 days off, ranging from week-long internships to tanning on the beach in Miami, Florida. However, I’m doing neither of those things! Unlike high school, it is hard for me to find time to myself in college because I’m always hanging out with friends, preparing for my next history quiz, or doing yoga at the Rec. Therefore, I’m taking full advantage of my time to relax by enjoying my Colorado mountains, sleeping in until noon, and relaxing with my puppy.

As I sit in my backyard, watching people’s Snapchat stories from the beach, part of me feels like I should be doing something more exuberating with my time off from academics. But I thoroughly believe that one of the most important aspects of learning and growing in college is also learning how to take time for yourself. Contrary to popular belief, binge watching Netflix while eating an entire bag of popcorn is totally okay, and actually can be healthy. I have realized that in order for me to have the most successful semester that I can, I need to have days like these, and I can’t feel guilty about it either.

Another one of the great parts about simply relaxing at home during my Spring Break is the fact that I get to enjoy the company of my family and home cooked meals once more. As a freshman, I’m still trying to get a hang of college life, but learning how to be individual is a gradual change. I’m also learning to appreciate the simple things in life that I never understood before I came to college. Honestly, there’s nothing better than cooking in a real (not a dorm) kitchen while talking to your mom and dad about the future.

How are you spending/how did you spend your break? Comment below!

-Shannon Fischer ’19

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