Greetings and Goodbyes


As a senior at William & Mary my time is oh so very quickly dwindling. Currently, we have one full week of classes left until the whirlwind of final exams and graduation. I honestly can’t believe it has flown by this fast and I am so jealous of you all, the class of 2017, because you are just starting out on your adventures with W&M, while my chapter is coming to a close.

I know you have heard this at least 100 times by now, but congratulations class of 2017, you did it! The excruciating application process is done, there are no more Saturday mornings of standardized testing, no more forms to fill out or essays to write—it is truly time the to celebrate! So welcome, welcome to a place that I have come to truly call home in the last four years. Welcome to a place that will challenge you to become a better student, a better friend, a better person. Welcome to a place I love, a place I hope you will learn to love as well.

Of course I feel like it is my right, or duty to pass on at least one piece of wisdom to you. Here it goes … EMBRACE William & Mary and William & Mary will EMBRACE you. Take advantage of the multitude of opportunities offered by this wonderful institution: do research, study abroad, join clubs and organizations, play sports, go to shows and musicals, GET INVOLVED!! Let this process begin in your freshman dorm, don’t be afraid to wander around the halls wrecking havoc and introducing yourself to others, you never know who will become your best friends and make all the difference to your college experience (shout out: YATESMATES love!).

-Rebecca Avison

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