Dinwiddie 3rd

Freshman year is a year that I will absolutely never forget. Before the first day of Orientation, I was a little worried about living in the smallest dorm on campus. Dinwiddie Hall is located in the Botetourt Complex and has around 40 residents. Even though I didn’t know anyone else that was living in my dorm, I was extremely lucky because I had met my roommate months before and we became close friends almost instantly. So, I knew I was going to have a great roommate – but what about the rest of my hall? Would I make friends? What would sharing a bathroom with 20 other girls be like? What if there were bugs?

The reality is, you can’t judge your dorm based on where you’re living or even how many people you’re living with. I actually loved living in a smaller dorm, because it was never awkward walking by someone without being able to say hi and it was nice only having to remember a small number of names. Sure, I lived on the 3rd floor and didn’t have air conditioning. Sure, there were a few bugs here and there. But all of the experiences you’ll have meeting your hall and getting used to college life completely overshadows all of that. My 3 best friends at William & Mary are 3 girls that lived in my freshman hall, including my roommate. We now all live together in a suite in Jamestown North, and it’s been the best year ever. We’re all involved in different organizations on campus, but it doesn’t matter because we still constantly see each other no matter how busy our schedules are. I love the friends I made freshman year and I’m sure I’ll keep those friends for many years to come. However, you’ll never forget the close friends you make on your freshman hall – they’ll be with you from beginning to end, and that’s something special.

Class of 2019 – get SUPER pumped for August, you’re less than 5 months away from experiencing one of the most fun-filled, exciting days of your life! I saw some of you on Day for Admitted Students this past Saturday, but for those of you that couldn’t make it, I wish you the best and can’t wait to welcome to you to the Tribe!

Congratulations once again!!
– Marissa

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