Definitely the Trees

My roommate has a go-to answer when people ask her why she chose William & Mary… the trees. I will admit that when I first heard that answer, on our regular walk from Lion M to Sadler last year, I thought it was ridiculous. Of all the things one could say, she chose trees? A year later, I completely understand. William & Mary is beautiful for so many reasons: the change of seasons, the historic brick pathways, the formerly symmetrical Sunken Garden (darn that statue!), and of course the people! But there is something incredible about the way our campus blends the exterior and interior to give you that warm homey feeling inside. I have a few favorites on campus:

  1. The Crim Dell Meadow: a spread of grass that sits to the left as you walk towards the Sunken Garden. On a warm day, have a seat on the benches or on the grass and observe the foot traffic, surrounded by a canopy of trees and a few statues. Highly underrated, entirely enjoyable.
  2. The Echo Wall: part of Tyler Garden, probably mentioned on your campus tour, if you took one. It’s almost soul-stirring, but entirely scientific. Go when you’re bored, go when you need a pick me up, go just because. The stone bench isn’t too comfortable, but the flowers are lovely and the statues are dressed up for campus occasions.
  3. The back of the School of Education: hear me out, I know this sounds ridiculous! The trail that leads to the School of Ed comes out behind the Student Recreation Center, and it is absolutely worth walking. The forest is beautiful, not to mention our gorgeous school of education, with its columns and mix of rustic charm with industrial architecture.

Do you have any favorite spots on campus? Please share. If not, come on over and find some, DFAS is the perfect time. William & Mary is crawling with beauty, both inside and out.

-Alex Yeumeni ’18

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