Campus Golf Fore the Win!

This is a semester of lasts.  Last Charter Day, last midterms, last Spring Break and my very last Campus Golf.

In case you don’t know what Campus Golf is (I’m talking to you, prospective students), it is a game of campus-wide golfing … in costume.  And let me tell you, I have seen it all.  Over the past few years I have seen toy soldiers, Tetris, Jamaican bobsled teams and 101 Dalmatians (or at least 50 of them).

I love campus golf.

I love the costumes.  I love the fact that we are playing golf with tennis balls.

But mostly, I love campus golf because it is one of those days that the campus feels small, in the best possible way. We all rush the Sunken Garden, armed with golf clubs and tennis balls.  We run to the center of campus, ready to play.

On the way to my tee time I saw hall mates, classmates, some of my hall from Orientation and a few past teammates.  We were all descending upon the Sunken Garden to play golf, people watch, but mostly, in hopes of reuniting with a friend from the past.

I always like William and Mary, but it is in those moments where you are getting pegged with a tennis ball by your overly-competitive best friend, singing into the golf club like a microphone and accidentally terrorizing your kind-hearted freshman caddy, that you realize that you really LOVE this school.

So, we may have whiffed once or twice, and a few of us may have cheated … but, we never lost the spirit of the day.  What that spirit is, I’m not entirely sure … but, I’m pretty sure we had it.


Check out some of our interns and their campus golf teams!!

Jonathan and Kate strike a pose

Lora defending herself in the height of fierce competition

Erin as the Easter Bunny with some other mythical creatures!

Kate and some other seniors as the cast of Bridesmaids
























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