Beauty & Brains

Not only are our academics amazing but our campus is virtually flawless. The Williamsburg community is very unique from the academic buildings on campus to the amazing sites in Colonial Williamsburg.  If I were to show someone around campus but could only take them to three spots I would have to choose the Sunken Garden, the Crim Dell Bridge, and the Wren Building on a beautiful spring day.

The Sunken Garden truly captures a beautiful piece of campus through its aesthetically appealing symmetry. Looking at the Sunken Garden from the Wren Building side it appears as you have endless opportunities in front of you on campus. Standing there you can imagine what your next four years will be like and dream of all the wonderful opportunities William & Mary has to offer.

The Crim Dell is another wonderful quiet area of campus that I really enjoy. The red bridge that crosses over the water is beautiful and unique. It is very romantic and has a marvelous awe factor.  Fun fact, it is also the most photographed spot on campus! Although the water under the bridge may not be so appealing the scenery surrounding it is marvelous.

Last but not least the Wren Building is a must see on campus. This historical academic building attracts attention from everyone. Located right at the head of campus this beautiful building is jaw dropping.  From the historical bricks to the old cannons on each side of the doorway the building speaks volumes to William & Mary’s history.

Simply walking around campus for the first time I remember being amazed at how unique our school is from the wonderful new business school to the Wren Building a piece of campus can truly satisfy everyone. The landscaping of beautiful flowers to the old brick pathways will create a beautiful atmosphere to accompany the academics provided by our campus. We look forward to seeing you all on Day for Admitted Students and as always never hesitate to reach out with questions or concerns!

-Grace Covello ’16

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